our values


It is easy to complicate, and much harder to simplify. Even though the world is becoming ever more complex as it adjusts to new ways of making and using electricity, we strive to use this to provide clear simple solutions for our customers and our stakeholders alike.

Quality in everything we do

Quality isn’t just something we talk about, it’s part of our business. From high quality products to a high-quality customer experience, to screening suppliers, its importance is at the heart of everything we do. Achieving ever higher quality is only achieved by feedback; we work hard to listen to our customers and to our suppliers and through this approach we adapt to change, create new data and deliver results.

Results are everything

Our clients are trying to achieve results relevant to them; by focusing on results, we can be sure our customers get the benefits they need, not just the equipment or the service we provide. We generate results using integrity, expertise, persistence, our Australian made equipment and proprietary monitoring capabilities. Results means profitability for RedEarth and our customers. In the real world, it is an inconvenient truth that only results matter.

Lead fearlessly into “electricity 2.0”

The way the world makes and uses electricity is changing and renewable technology will be an integral part of this modernisation; this is leading to a new way of doing things, which we call electricity 2.0. Given this once-in-a-century change, we are making systems and processes to help customers navigate and benefit from this change. Let us lead you fearlessly into electricity 2.0.

Do the right things

In this rapidly changing and chaotic world, doing the right things counts more than doing things right. By focusing on doing the right things, we can ever improve our quality and ever improve the results we continually deliver for our customers.