Do solar batteries make noise

Solar batteries have become an efficient and reliable alternative to fuel-powered generators.

Traditionally, when back-up power was required, the noisy old portable generator would be started up. Generator sound levels can range between 60 to 100 decibels and even expensive models are loud because they use internal combustion engines to generate electricity.

However, with an increasing number of households and businesses installing solar panels, opportunities are ripe for solar batteries to not only provide emergency backup power but to reduce reliance on the electricity grid at night.

Solar panels generate energy from sunlight during the day and solar batteries store that energy for use at night, whether for running the dishwasher, lighting the house, or watching TV.

If you’re looking into solar batteries, you might wonder how noisy they are… Are they going to keep the kids awake? Disturb the neighbours?

Well, solar batteries don’t have moving parts – their functionality is based on chemistry. For example, RedEarth’s own Troppo battery uses a lithium-ion phosphate chemistry.

So basically, there is nothing in a solar battery that is going to create noise. The same goes for solar panels – no moving parts, no noise – just chemistry and physics in action.

The only component of a solar system or a battery energy storage system that may create a very subtle noise is the inverter. The inverter converts the direct electrical current (DC) to an alternating current (AC). Cooling fans are usually incorporated to prevent overheating and may be audible when operating. Some inverters might otherwise make a very quiet humming noise that is usually drowned out by normal ambient household noise.Solar batteries – and battery energy storage systems in their entirety – really are the quiet achievers of energy supply.

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