How efficient are solar batteries?

Increasing your independence in home energy generation is a positive step not only for the environment, but also your hip pocket. By installing solar panels, you’ve got the first step covered – you’re harnessing energy from the sun to power your day. But what happens when the sun goes down? That’s when a solar battery steps in to light the night…

Night is often when our energy needs hit peak demand. A solar battery will feed stored power back into your home at night to power appliances or step in during a power outage to keep you online. It can also supplement your needs if you are using more energy than your panels can generate – for example, if you’re running air-conditioning during a heat wave.

Lithium-ion solar batteries recharge quickly and have the highest efficiency compared to other types (such as lead-acid or nickel cadmium). Their round-trip efficiency is higher than 96%, which means that the amount of power consumed for its own use in charging is less than 4% of the power it holds. That’s a saving for you on both cost and space, as you’ll need to install fewer panels to power your home or business and require fewer solar batteries to support them.

The energy-dense cells of lithium-ion solar batteries are perfect for heavy use situations where you want to benefit from the highest conversion rate from solar power to electrical energy. They are a low-maintenance choice, with a long lifespan of at least 10 years. When not in use, the capacity of your lithium-ion solar battery does not diminish as quickly as other types, which means frequent downtime won’t damage its lifespan if you only use it occasionally

For on-demand energy storage, adding lithium-ion solar batteries to your array of panels gives you the highest efficiency in solar energy storage – and even greater opportunity to save on electricity bills and optimise your power independence.

RedEarth’s own Troppo battery is lithium ferro phosphate chemistry (LFP), the safest lithium ion chemistry available.

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