Local Australian companies working together to change the face of home energy in the Northern Rivers Region

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Homegrown local energy companies RedEarth Energy Storage (“RedEarth”) and Enova Community Energy (“Enova”) have partnered to enable households to achieve 100% renewables through their own generation and storage – and boost the local community’s potential virtual power plant capability.

RedEarth is experiencing high demand from customers looking to secure their energy self-sufficiency. Partnerships like this are empowering households to take their energy use into their own hands as home battery and solar systems make it possible to generate, use, and store their own power.

Customers of the partnership offer have shared that the benefits in transitioning to a RedEarth renewables system include having energy security even in blackouts or bushfires, adding more solar to existing systems, and being able to claim government rebates (STCs), all whilst being able to generate and store free and clean energy to reduce and even eliminate power bills.

Enova Energy CEO Felicity Stening said “This strategic partnership with Australian made RedEarth Energy Storage is a positive step forward, giving our communities the opportunity to fast-track their renewable energy transition through household generation and storage.. We’re excited to be bringing more clean and green power solutions to locals, to help transition away from fossil fuels, and create energy security for the Northern Rivers and all communities.”

The RedEarth Energy Storage packages include battery storage with remote management and an entry price payment plan available for $41AUD per week with no deposit required.** The batteries have a 10-year repair and replacement warranty and are made locally with the highest quality lithium-ion battery modules. Home energy can be monitored from your mobile device or laptop, with RedEarth also providing remote management ensuring long-term functionality.

RedEarth Co-Founder and CEO Charles Walker said “There has certainly been an upshift in the demand for Australian made high quality, battery systems that are designed to weather our environmental conditions. We are incredibly proud to be providing a first-class Australian solution as more and more households and businesses in Australia transition to our trusted renewables-based power.”

RedEarth Energy Storage is Australian-owned and all products are fully engineered, factory assembled, and tested in Brisbane, Queensland. Not only does RedEarth offer battery systems for the home but it also provides larger standalone systems suitable for rural and commercial energy storage. The Company’s products are the only Australian made and owned all-in-one systems certified by the Clean Energy Council, and the Company is certified under quality standard ISO9001:2015.

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