RedEarth announces Troppo- 4841 as the first Australian-made battery approved by Australia’s Clean Energy Council

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RedEarth Energy Storage is proud to announce its Troppo-4841 battery module is the first Australian-made battery approved by Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC), making it the most advanced, high energy density, compliant Australian battery on the CEC list.

After experiencing exponential growth over the last 12 months by enabling Australian homes and businesses to power themselves using RedEarth integrated energy storage products, the company is quickly becoming a dominant player in Australia’s emerging $80 billion transition to renewable energy for all. The Troppo is the latest development which enables RedEarth to deliver the real value of renewables to end users and industry alike, and is made in Brisbane, Australia.

The versatile 4.1kWh Troppo battery module can be used on grid or off grid, to substitute old lead acid battery banks, as part of a RedEarth integrated ‘Personal Power Plant’ or with other reputable inverter systems. The Troppo will be made available as part of its integrated systems, or supplied to the industry as a standalone product, through its sales partner Rexel which has over 100 wholesale stores nationwide.

Jeremy Whaley, RedEarth Head of Engineering said “RedEarth is focused on ensuring its batteries are of the highest quality. Our manufacturing facility operates under a ISO9001 certified quality management system. In addition, we have engaged Queensland University of Technology’s National Battery Test Centre to independently test the performance of our batteries.  The Troppo battery module and the individual cells conform with stringent international and Australian certification requirements including IEC 62619 (battery module and cell level), AS 60950, and UN38.3 (battery module and cell).  The battery module and cells have been certified by external testing laboratory TuV.  This high level of testing and certification ensures that the Troppo is leading in its class for safety, reliability and energy density.”

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RedEarth, Chris Winter, said “It is the only Australian-made battery listed on the CEC list, which is important for all government grant and loan programs. End users as well as installers can visit our Brisbane factory for a tour of our manufacturing line as well as a demonstration of the battery to be sure they are receiving the best battery module in the business.”

Winter continues, “The Troppo battery is not only designed, but made in Australia by RedEarth. It meets all the required Australian standards as well as the particular requirements of Australian customers and installers.”

The Troppo-4841 includes a display that shows the state of charge as well as voltage and current, making it the easiest battery for installers to install, and easy for customers to see at a glance how much electricity they have in their batteries.  The battery also has the equivalent of an odommeter (kWh meter) that tells customers and installers how much work the battery has done during its lifetime.

The battery has UN38.3 certification on both the cell and the battery, making it approved for shipping all over the world. It includes a handle as well as optional mounts for mounting the battery securely into a standard 19″ rack.

The Troppo battery is available as part of RedEarth’s range of complete battery systems as well as separately to installers.  Installers and trade can purchase nationwide from their local Rexel, Ideal Electrical,  Lear & Smith or John R Turk branch. Distribution agreements with Red Earth are also available.  Customers who are interested to know more can contact RedEarth directly on 1800 733 637.

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