RedEarth’s Australian-made SunRise battery and solar system is fully compliant with new South Australian requirements

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The South Australian government have mandated an extra suite of requirements to allow better integration of Solar and Batteries systems into the SA network from 28 September 2020.

RedEarth is pleased to announce that the SunRise SRS system is fully compatible with the new requirements and all its existing system in the field already comply with the standard as well.

RedEarth SunRise systems have already been certified to the Voltage Ride Through requirements and are on the approved list:

Check out the list here

In addition, RedEarth SunRise systems come with integrated 4g monitoring and control system powered by SwitchDin pre-installed & work with SA Power Network as the agent.

The RedEarth SunRise system has the following advantages for installers and customers:
  • No Subscription Costs
  • No additional equipment (everything is already pre-installed)
  • 4G Data Link – No linkage to customers WiFi for hassle free installation.
Why SA Power Networks as a relevant agent?

SA Power Networks’ 24/7 Network Operations Centre and Customer Services teams have established new processes and systems to manage the customer relationships and operational output of solar PV systems as part of the Relevant Agent role.

What SA Power Networks offers as an Agent:
  • A simple way to appoint a Relevant Agent
  • This service at no cost to customers with supported technology
  • The capabilities and experience to manage solar PV curtailment
How to nominate SA Power Networks as an Agent when using SunRise:
  • When completing the solar application form, select RedEarth/SwitchDIn along with SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent
  • When completing the electronic Certificate of Compliance (eCoC), select SwitchDin’s technology with SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent
  • On Installation verify Live data is being received on the RedEarth Portal or contact RedEarth Tech Support.

For more information please contact RedEarth on 1800 733 637

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