Things to consider when buying a solar battery

When considering the financial aspects of your new house build, or forecasting your existing utility costs, it’s important to consider all options available to ensure your setup is both cost-effective and efficient. A long-term, major expense like electricity is no exception.

With the purchase and installation costs involved in adding a solar battery to your home array, making the most of your investment is paramount. To offset the initial cost of buying and installing your solar battery, look for opportunities to save by considering some important cost factors:

Flexibility – Scale your system
If you’re unsure of your future electricity needs, or working within a restricted budget, having flexibility to expand your new system later is key. The ability to start small with a single solar battery and then add more as your needs grow, or budget allows, is a great option. Look for a solar battery that gives you the option to choose your initial storage size to suit your basic requirements, and then add-on new batteries later, building a larger system over time.

Efficiency – Choose the right type of battery
Lithium-ion batteries recharge quickly and have the highest ‘round-trip’ efficiency of any solar battery. Less than 4% of the power each battery holds is consumed for charging – which allows over 96% of the energy successfully stored and converted into usable electricity to be used by you – maximising your financial return.

Installation – Get up and running faster
Minimise your installation costs by buying a solar battery that comes pre-wired with all AC, DC and PV cables, switchgear and an EPS contactor. You’ll have it connected to your panel array and running within a few hours.

Warranty – Take the worry out of repairs
A good quality solar battery should come with a 10-year repair and replacement warranty. This should cover approximately 4000 daily charge-discharge ‘cycles’ providing you with a savings period much longer than the time it will take for you to recover your initial investment.

Rebates – Subsidise your investment
Renewable energy is good for everyone. Make sure you take advantage of local Government rebates, subsidies, and loans to help you buy and install your new solar battery – and save yourself some money while you save the environment.

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